Treasury Management Services

Your personalized treasury management solutions

Manage your cash flow more effectively

Every day, our experienced professionals deliver personalized treasury management solutions to meet your unique challenges and goals. Choose from a variety of tools, advice and services to achieve your objectives.


Optimize your cash flow by simplifying account receivables with traditional or electronic methods.

  • Collect payments quickly and securely
  • Recover 100% of the amount for bad checks
  • Accept online bill payments from anywhere, anytime

Payment Acceptance

Get payment processing services tailored to how you do business.

  • Expand your customers' payment options and streamline your operations
  • Access transactions and reports in real time
  • Leverage sales-level data to reinforce marketing, operations and staffing decisions


Keep your business moving forward by streamlining processes, expenses and transactions.

  • Deposit funds faster with our ACH services
  • Simply invoice processing with integrated payments
  • Accurately forecast and manage your daily cash requirements with controlled disbursement

Zero Balance Accounts

Money that works for your business.

  • Eliminate manual transfers between accounts
  • Maintain separate accounts for internal auditing and accounting
  • Maintain balances in a single account for efficient utilization

ACH Services

Keep employees and customers happy with swift, secure electronic deposits.

  • Make deposits easy and seamless
  • Cut costs associated with checks and postage
  • Keep transactions secure

Purchasing Card

Simplify business purchases, reduce paperwork and monitor expenses.

  • Set your spending controls
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Analyze spending with online reporting tools

Fraud Prevention

Implement the latest fraud prevention tools to protect your business accounts against suspicious activity.

  • Protect your business accounts from electronic fraud
  • Shield your business from check fraud
  • Detect suspicious check activity

Information Management Services

Our secure products and services help digitally manage your business data.

  • Efficiently manage your business
  • Improve accounting and reconciliation accuracy
  • Securely exchange electronic data files

Reporting and Reconciliation

View collections, payments and other details in a way that's designed to suit your needs.

  • Automatically reconcile all checks paid against your First Citizens account
  • Search and sort your canceled checks
  • Easily and securely trade electronic files

Liquidity Management

Put idle funds to work for your business in interest-bearing accounts and invest, minimize interest or pay down debt.

  • Automatically invest available cash balances
  • Keep excess cash in your business checking account working around the clock
  • Maximize your interest income by sweepingD funds from your checking account into an overnight investment vehicle

We're here to help with your treasury management needs

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Accurately track cash flow

Manage your business on the go

Keep your assets secure

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Accurately track cash flow

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Manage your business on the go

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Keep your assets secure

Treasury Management FAQ

People often ask us

Treasury management services are customized tools and solutions that help you streamline your daily operations, simplify your financial processes, protect your bottom line and optimize your liquidity. With treasury management services, you can manage your cash flow conveniently and effectively with up-to-date digital solutions and world class service.

Types of treasury management services include:

  • Accounts receivable solutions
  • Payment acceptance technology
  • Accounts payable solutions
  • Zero balance accounts
  • ACH electronic services
  • Purchasing cards
  • Fraud prevention
  • Information management services
  • Reporting and reconciliation
  • Liquidity management

You can use treasury management services for a variety of benefits, including:

  • Streamline accounts receivables
  • Simplify customer payments
  • Collect outstanding invoices more efficiently
  • Automate accounts payables
  • Strategize payments
  • Provide more comprehensive, more timely reporting
  • Mitigate fraud risk
  • Automatically invest available cash balances to grow your business
Treasury Management Insights

Grow your business

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