Business Fraud Prevention Services

Protect your business accounts from suspicious activity

ACH Positive Pay

Enable electronic fraud prevention by monitoring or screening ACH transactions.

  • Block transactions you didn't authorize
  • Receive proactive notifications of suspicious activity
  • Choose from a variety of protection options

Check Positive Pay

Protect your small business against fraudulent checks with our check monitoring service.

  • Suited for businesses with moderate to high check activity
  • Checks presented for payment are compared against files you submit
  • Fraudulent checks are presented to you for approval

Reverse Positive Pay

Simplify account reconciliation activity related to checks presented for payment with business fraud management tools.

  • Suited for small businesses with a low volume of check activity
  • Easily review previous-day check images
  • Return any checks paid from your account that appear fraudulent

Let us help protect your business with fraud prevention services

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Every year, billions of dollars are lost to check and electronic fraud. It's one of the largest fraud challenges facing businesses today.

It can happen as easily as someone stealing a blank check, an employee issuing a check without proper authorization, counterfeiting, or intentional or mistaken duplicate deposits.

With the popularity of mobile banking products, the chance of a check being deposited twice has increased. While First Citizens Bank will always help protect your account, we offer a proactive approach that puts you in control and able to fight fraud with a few clicks of a button.

First Citizens Bank's Positive Pay check-monitoring service can help you detect and stop check fraud from negatively impacting your business. We offer several options of protection to fit your business's needs. And with Digital Banking for business, you have the freedom to manage decisions on your mobile device.

With standard Positive Pay, each time you issue checks, you will send an electronic file with the check number, amount and date to First Citizens using your online banking portal. The Payee Match option can provide an additional layer of security by matching the payee name on the check as well.

As checks clear your account, you will receive a text or email alert to notify you if any irregularities are found. The service will present the check the next day for you to make a pay-or-return decision.

If a decision is not made prior to the cutoff time, the check will follow your previously selected default option: Pay or Return.

Reverse Positive Pay allows you to monitor each cleared check for alterations—or even fraudulently cleared items—and return any unauthorized items.

This option is ideal for lower check volume accounts or clients who don't wish to submit an electronic check issue file.

When a check is presented to your account, all users who have permissions within Digital Banking will receive an alert and have until the current cutoff time to decision items. If no decision is made, the item will pay as presented.

Positive Pay also includes comprehensive reporting capabilities that allow you to review your decisions history and Positive Pay activity for the past 65 days.

Safeguard against fraud, and help proactively protect your accounts with First Citizens Positive Pay.

To learn more, please visit or contact your local First Citizens banker today.

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Manage your accounts from anywhere

Send and transfer money using ACH and wires

Receive account and security alerts

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Manage your accounts from anywhere

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Send and transfer money using ACH and wires

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Receive account and security alerts

Remote Deposit Capture

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Deposit checks remotely for faster processing and extended deposit hours.
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Fraud Prevention Services Insights

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Fraud Protection FAQ

People often ask us

Payment fraud takes place when someone's payment information is stolen and used to make unauthorized transactions or purchases.

Fraud prevention services help to identify and prevent activities and transactions that put your business and customer finances at risk by blocking or alerting you early of the suspicious transaction. One example includes positive pay services, which enhance your current risk management process by monitoring payments like checks or ACH transactions for fraud and verifying their authenticity.

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