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See the big picture

Get a glimpse of your full financial picture by adding all your accounts to Manage My Money℠ in Digital Banking. You can even add the accounts you have with other banks.

  • View your First Citizens account balances and transactions
  • Connect your non-First Citizens checking, savings, mortgage, credit cards, loan and investment accounts
  • Add non-bank accounts manually, such as the equity in your home or other property, fully paid for vehicles and other assets
  • View your categorized transactions across all your accounts

Know where your money goes

Clearly see where your money is going across all of your accounts.

  • View your categorized spending across all your accounts
  • See how much you spend on rent, utilities, travel, groceries, shopping and more
  • Edit or re-categorize transactions, create sub-categories of spending and even split transactions between categories
  • Track both personal and business expenses

Create and manage your budget

Use our money management tool to see how your spending impacts your budgets.

  • Create budget categories to help you track your spending
  • Visualize how your budgets are tracking with simple color coding. Green is for healthy budgets, red means you're over budget and yellow lets you know to watch your spending
  • Review specific transactions in each budget category and update your budget if needed
  • Create sub-budgets to track specific expenses

Track trends over time

Monitor how your spending changes over time to plan accordingly.

  • Track your spending changes over time by category
  • Use this view to help plan for unexpected or seasonal spending, such as increased travel in the summer or holiday spending
  • See the transactions that lead to large changes in monthly spending to help you budget accordingly

Keep tabs on debt

See all of your debt, including credit cards, car and student loans. 

  • View balance, interest rates and payments due for each loan or credit card (some external accounts may require entering this information if unavailable)
  • Develop payoff scenarios around paying down debt based on lowest amount owed, highest interest rate and more
  • Set monthly debt payment targets to help you become debt free sooner
Net Worth

Monitor your net worth

See your full financial picture by linking all of your accounts with other financial institutions.

  • View your net worth, including gains and losses, for all your accounts
  • See how your net worth changes over time
  • Analyze specific gains and losses for each account over time
Cash Flow

Manage and view your cash flow

Keep track of your balances and how your scheduled transactions impact your account balances.

  • See how payments including rent, utilities, recurring subscription services and other payments impact your balance
  • Add your paycheck, direct deposit and other income to see your full monthly cash flow
  • See how your balances change throughout the month, and if you need to consider making a transfer to avoid a low-balance day 

Ready to get started?

Step 1

Open an account

To use Manage My Money, you'll need a First Citizens checking account.

Step 2

Log in

You automatically have access to Digital Banking with your new account. Simply log in.

Step 3

Add accounts

Select Manage My Money from the main menu to link other bank accounts, loans, investments and assets.


People often ask us

Manage My Money can help you manage your financial life across all of your accounts, even non-First Citizens accounts. You can see what you spend your money on each month, create and manage your budget, and see your total financial picture all in one place.

First Citizens customers can access Manage My Money directly from their Digital Banking homepage.

No. Manage My Money will automatically display your First Citizens accounts, balances and transactions in real time. You can add non-First Citizens accounts by selecting Link Account.

You can view all of your accounts and transactions, including non-First Citizens accounts, in Manage My Money. These can include checking accounts, savings, credit cards, auto and personal loans, mortgages, investments, insurance, retirement plans and more. You can manually add accounts such as the equity in your home, a property without a mortgage, the value of a family heirloom or jewelry, paid-for vehicles and other assets using Add Manual Account. You can also use this feature to add non-First Citizens accounts that you're unable to add with the Link Account feature.

To add a non-First Citizens account in Manage My Money, start by logging in to First Citizens Digital Banking, then follow these steps.

  • Select Link Account in the Manage My Money section
  • Search for the financial institution you want to add and, when prompted, enter the login credentials for that bank or institution
  • In some cases, you may be prompted to enter a secure access code or answer a security question, depending on how the account you're adding is configured

Once you've added an account, it will take a few minutes to load and display on your homepage.

Some financial institutions don't allow their accounts to be linked. In this case, you can select Add Manual Account to manually add the account name and balance information.

Initially, Manage My Money will generally display up to 90 days of transaction history, then build on that history from the date you enroll.

Yes. Your balances and transactions for First Citizens accounts are generally shown in real time. Balances and transaction history for non-First Citizens accounts will generally be a day behind, depending on when data is received from other banks.


Get insights into managing your money

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