Lockbox Processing

Accelerate the collection of funds

Speed up the collection of funds and save time and money with First Citizens Lockbox Processing. Let the lockbox center process all your deposits and clear payments promptly — so your company can enjoy an improved cash flow.

Benefits of First Citizens Lockbox Processing

Retail Lockbox Service

Designed for companies receiving large volumes of consumer payments accompanied by scannable documents. By scanning your remittance documents, we can capture payment information and provide transmissions to update your accounts receivable. Retail Lockbox transmissions can be tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

Wholesale Lockbox Service

Accelerate the collection of large denomination checks with our Wholesale Lockbox. Customers remit payments directly to a unique post office box where the lockbox team processes the payments. Secure online access is provided to view payment information and any accompanying documents, including invoices and other various remittance forms.

Property Management Lockbox Service

Our Property Management Lockbox is designed for management companies that have multiple homeowner associations. Residents remit payments and a coded payment coupon to a unique post office box. The payments are received and electronically sorted, deposited into the correct association bank account, and an electronic posting file with the payment information is transmitted to the management company on a daily basis. Images of payments without identifying information can be viewed and corrected online by the management company.

Efficiency and Security with Lockbox Portal

With our Lockbox Portal, Opens in a new tab1, you'll have timely access to images of your lockbox checks and remittance documents over the Internet.

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