Cell Phone Protection

Get cell phone protection with your First Citizens credit card

Automatic Enrollment

Simply use your credit card to pay your monthly bill to qualify.


First Citizens Visa® Credit Card holders get phone coverage at no cost.D


This cell phone protection policy covers stolen and damaged phones.

Keep your phone in good hands


People often ask us

To submit a cell phone protection claim, you’ll need to provide documents to prove that you purchased your phone, like an original store receipt, as well as proof that you paid your monthly bill with your First Citizens credit card. If your phone was stolen, you’ll need to provide a police report. You may be required to submit additional documents. Please see Visa's Your Guide to Benefits (PDF) for full details.

All protection is different. We recommend you review Visa's Your Guide to Card Benefits (PDF) and compare it to your current protection. Based on your needs, you can determine if it makes sense to continue paying a monthly fee for your current protection, or cancel it and use the benefit offered through First Citizens.

The benefits administrator may choose to repair or replace your phone, or reimburse you for the current suggested retail price of a replacement cell phone of similar kind and quality. Your reimbursement will exclude taxes, delivery and transportation charges, and any fees associated with the cellphone service provider, minus your $50 deductible. Reimbursement typically takes about 10 business days from the receipt and approval of the claim form and all the required documents.

No. There's no need to enroll. Enrollment in the program is automatic as long as you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your personal First Citizens Visa® Credit Card.

No. Phones that are lost or misplaced aren't covered.

No. Phone accessories other than standard battery or standard antenna provided by the manufacturer, such as cases or PopSockets®, aren't covered.

Cell Phone Protection is subject to a $50 deductible and maximum benefit limit of $500 per occurrence. Protection covers cell phones billed to your First Citizens Visa Credit Card, subject to a maximum of two claims per rolling twelve-month period. This benefit does not cover cell phones that are lost. For complete details, please refer to Your Guide to Benefits for Visa Signature Cardholders (PDF) or Your Guide to Benefits for Visa Traditional Cardholders (PDF).

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