Overdraft Protection

Flexible options to help you cover the unexpected

Sometimes, overdrafts happen

We can help you manage your finances with our convenient and flexible overdraft protection services. Choose the level of coverage that's right for you. Calculating your monthly expenses and being proactive with Digital Banking alerts can help you stay informed and avoid overdraft fees.

Free to enroll

Pay only when you use overdraft protection.


Easily track and review overdraft transactions in Digital Banking.


Choose the right level of protection to meet your needs and layer your coverage.

As of July 1 for eligible Consumer accounts, we eliminated our $36 insufficient funds fee for an item returned unpaid and reduced our overdraft fee to just $10. We also lowered the overdraft protection transfer fee for transfers from savings and Checkline Reserve to $10.

Overdraft protection types

Premium Overdraft Protection


Link your savings account to your checking account for overdraft protection. If your checking account has insufficient funds, money is automatically transferred from your savings.

  • Covers your checks, automatic bill payments, debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals
  • Transfers are rounded up to the nearest $100
  • Your checking account will be charged a $10 transfer fee each day an overdraft occursD
Premium Overdraft Protection

Checkline Reserve

Apply for a revolving line of credit and access funds when you need them most—for any kind of expense—just by writing a check.D

  • Competitive interest rates with large limits available for your specific needs
  • No annual fees, no collateral required and no prepayment penalties
  • Your checking account will be charged a $10 transfer fee each day an overdraft occursD
Basic Plus Overdraft Protection

Debit and ATM

Enhance your basic overdraft protection and enroll to extend coverage to one-time debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals.

  • If there isn't enough money in your account to cover a transaction, we may cover it at our discretion
  • Covers your checks, automatic bill payments, debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals
  • Each time we pay an overdraft over $5, your checking account will be charged a $10 fee, up to our limit of 4 charges per dayD

People often ask us

An overdraft occurs when money is withdrawn from a bank account that doesn't have enough in its available balance to cover the transaction. If you have premium overdraft protection set up on your checking account, such as linking it to savings or Checkline Reserve, funds from these services may be used to cover an overdraft. Additionally, overdrafts may be covered by our basic overdraft protection with ATM and debit card coverage.

Overdraft protection is an account management tool designed to help you cover a transaction when you don't have sufficient funds in your checking account. Eligible transactions may include checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases, wires and electronic transfers. With overdraft protection, we'll cover a shortfall at our discretion so the transaction goes through successfully.

When we say basic overdraft coverage, we're referring to the default overdraft preferences set up when you opened your checking account. This excludes any added overdraft protection services such as savings or Checkline Reserve.

When you open a checking account, you're automatically opted in for checks, other transactions made using your checking account number and automatic bill payments. This means that we may, at our discretion, authorize and pay overdrafts on these types of transactions. You can change your overdraft preferences for these types of transactions at any time.

When you open a checking account, you're also required to opt in or out of basic overdraft service with ATM and debit card coverage. This enhanced service adds coverage for ATM cash withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions. We don't authorize or pay overdrafts for these types of transactions unless you opt in to this service. If we don't authorize or pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined. You can change your overdraft preferences for these types of transactions at any time.

If you don't enroll in any overdraft protection services, we won't be able to authorize one-time debit card transactions or ATM cash withdrawals unless your account has sufficient funds to cover the amount. If your account doesn't have sufficient funds, these transactions will be declined at the point of purchase.

Yes. Your decision to enroll in basic overdraft service with ATM and debit card coverage can be changed at any time. Keep in mind that any previous overdraft fees you've incurred will not be waived or reimbursed.

Yes. You can opt in to basic overdraft protection and add premium overdraft services like savings and Checkline Reserve. In fact, layering your overdraft protection has a number of benefits. Not only are you more protected against balance instability and the surprise of declined transactions, but you also set the order of priority for how your overdrafts are covered. For example, you can prioritize your overdraft coverage to draw from savings first, then Checkline Reserve. Regardless of how you prioritize your protection, your basic overdraft service with ATM and debit card coverage will always be last.

Overdraft protection, including basic overdraft service with ATM and debit card coverage, is set on an account-by-account basis. This means you decide how you'd like overdrafts to be handled for each account you have. If you want overdraft protection on more than one bank account, then you must enroll each one.

Overdraft Prevention

Preparing for the unexpected

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your finances. Here are more tools and resources you can use to track and manage your spending.

Account Alerts

Get text and email alerts about transactions, deposits and low balances.

Digital Banking

Manage your accounts, transfer money and make payments with online banking.

Mobile Banking

Download our secure mobile app for digital banking and check deposits on the go.

Direct Deposit

Enjoy same-day access to your funds with recurring automatic deposits.

Account openings and credit are subject to bank approval.

Transfer fees do not apply to Prestige and Premier Executive checking account clients.

Account may also be subject to accrual of interest and a minimum monthly payment must be made if the line is used.

If the available funds in your account are insufficient to pay an item when presented, First Citizens Bank will make a decision on whether to pay the item or return it unpaid. When we pay an item for which there are insufficient funds, it results in an overdraft. The following overdraft fee structure applies to eligible Consumer accounts: First Citizens Bank will charge you $10 each time we pay an item resulting in an overdraft, up to our limit of four (4) overdraft charges per business day. We will not charge you for overdrafts caused by transactions of $5.00 or less, nor for items returned unpaid. You are obligated to pay overdrafts immediately. Consumers have the option to decline overdraft service. First Citizens Bank also offers overdraft protection programs, though none is available on the Together Card. Please see our Deposit Account Agreement for additional details.

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