International Wire Transfers

Conduct business when time is critical

Move money fast and securely with international wire transfers

If you're involved in international trade on an open-account or payment-in-advance basis, look to us for international wire transfer services. We help importers and exporters send and receive funds in US dollars and foreign currencies quickly and efficiently.


International wire transfer benefits for importers

Improve cash flow

Retain funds until the exact time payments are due. International wire transfer payments are made to the vendor's bank for credit to the vendor's account.

Flexible, easy and convenient

International wire transfer payments can be made in US dollars and in any freely tradable currency, with over 80 currencies available.


International wire transfer benefits for exporters

Improve cash flow and save time

Gain immediate access to collected funds.

Increase efficiency

Receive prompt notification of incoming international wire transfer payments when enrolled in Commercial Advantage or First Citizens FXEnvoy.


Introducing First Citizens FXEnvoy

First Citizens FXEnvoy allows users to execute real-time payments in most major and emerging market currencies, and view or print transaction receipts online. You'll also have direct access to your multi-currency account, if applicable.

  • Execute spot and forward trades, swaps and drawdowns
  • Get real-time foreign exchange rates
  • View multi-currency account—or MCA—balances and initiate wires
  • View account statements, receipts and payment histories
  • Access state-of-the-art security features

How FXEnvoy works

Watch this brief video to learn how to simplify your international payments with First Citizens FXEnvoy, an easy-to-use foreign currency exchange payment platform.

Watch the First Citizens commercial foreign currency exchange FXEnvoy video

If you're involved in international trade, you know that currency rates change frequently. Now you can simplify your international payments with First Citizens FXEnvoy, an easy-to-use foreign exchange payment platform.

Let's take a closer look. Our landing page puts information at your fingertips with a weekly economic calendar and market announcements. To help your business compete in the global marketplace, FXEnvoy's online foreign exchange payments system provides access to real-time foreign exchange rates and direct execution of payments in more than 80 currencies, all through a single secure system.

With FXEnvoy, you'll not only enjoy fair and competitive exchange rates while minimizing third-party bank fees, but also improve efficiency with the ability to easily execute spot and forward trades, swaps and drawdowns. With FX Spot, you have access to all major and minor currency pairs. You can see real-time quoting and lock your funds transferred to a current exchange rate. Provide detailed transaction instructions with just a few clicks. Easily manage beneficiaries, users and notification preferences, and view account statements and transaction receipts with ease and efficiency.

Whether you're actively involved in international commerce or just starting out, First Citizens FXEnvoy gives you the support you need to conduct business, manage your cash flow and protect your bottom line. To learn more, please contact us today. 1-866-FCB-4BIZ, or

Foreign Currency

Make business and travel abroad secure and simple

Get the foreign currency you need to do business in other countries.
Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit money from anywhere

Deposit checks remotely for faster processing and extended deposit hours.

People often ask us

International wire transfers can be conducted in US dollars or a foreign currency using Commercial Advantage, First Citizens FXEnvoy or with a banker at a First Citizens branch location. To complete an international wire transfer, you must provide:

  • The beneficiary's full name and address
  • The bank's name and city/country
  • The 11-character SWIFT/BIC Code
  • The beneficiary's account number or International Bank Account Number (IBAN). An IBAN may also be required based on the transfer country of the beneficiary bank.
  • The currency/amount of the payment
  • The reason for the payment

International wire transfers are more efficient than foreign drafts, and funds are usually available immediately upon receipt by the beneficiary.

Foreign Currency Banknotes is a service that facilitates the purchase and sale of foreign currency (paper money). We offer this service at every branch. Clients and non-clients can ease travel delays and stress by obtaining foreign currency before traveling overseas and exchanging foreign currency for US dollars after they return.

We buy and sell foreign currency from more than 70 countries.

We also offer international wire transfers in USD and over 70 different currencies

A foreign currency exchange rate is the rate at which one type of currency will be traded for a different currency in the foreign exchange market. Rates are affected by economic activity, market interest rates, gross domestic product and unemployment rates in the countries around the world.

FXEnvoy is our online international payments client portal that empowers businesses with a fast, efficient and secure method for facilitating international business from the convenience of their computers. It offers real-time FX rates, FX payment and risk management solutions as well as our new multi-currency accounts in a secure online environment.

Sending an international payment online with FXEnvoy is a simple process that can take less than a minute. Just book your FX transaction online and apply your beneficiary's payment instructions. Once you book your exchange rate, it's locked in and won't fluctuate prior to delivery.

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It’s a domestic account number standard for all retail and commercial payments in the European Union. A growing number of other countries have also adopted this same format for routing domestic payments. IBANs are assigned by foreign banks to their customers and can consist of up to 34 alphanumeric characters.

Our payment platform has a built in IBAN validation that will let you know if the IBAN is not valid.

We utilize multiple layers of security in order to help safeguard your confidential information including two-factor authorization and maker-checker functionality for templates and payments.


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