Positive Pay

Detect and stop check fraud

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Each year, check and electronic fraud losses total in the billions of dollars nationwide — and fraud activity continues to rise. Protect your business against fraudulent checks with our check monitoring service, which carefully examines each check and reports any irregularity directly to you.

How it Works

  • Each time you issue checks, you send an electronic file to First Citizens that contains the individual check serial numbers and amounts using your Business Online Banking Advantage® (BOB Advantage®) account or our Data Exchange Service.
  • You may also provide payee names on the electronic file for us to review (optional).
  • We build a cumulative check register from the issue file you send and compare every check presented for payment against the file.
  • If any check's serial number, amount or payee name does not match your check issue record, the check is presented as a possible fraudulent item through our Business Online Banking service for you to make a pay-or-return decision.
  • Any check presented to a First Citizens teller for cashing is compared to your company's check issue file. If the information on the presented check does not match your check issue file, the person is referred to your company.
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