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Access everything you need to make sense of your money, and then make the most of it. Manage My Money gives you more control and access to all your finances.

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See all your accounts

View all your accounts from any financial institution in Digital Banking.

  • Include your non-First Citizens accounts, mortgages, credit cards, and more to see everything in one view.
  • This feature gives you a holistic understanding of your financial status.
  • Display things like the equity in your home or vehicle, or anything else of value without a bank account tied to it.
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Automatic Categorization

Your transactions (shopping, auto, home, and utilities and more) are categorized so you can see where your money is going.

  • You can easily search for a transaction or change the category of a transaction if needed.
  • You can split transactions between multiple categories, such as Groceries and Personal Care.
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Track your money

Track where your money goes and how it fits into your budget. This makes it easy to see where you can improve and what to work on.

  • See each spending category, sub-categories, and even specific transactions.
  • View your income, and see your earnings from paychecks, interest, or other sources of income.
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Budgeting made easy

Access precise, actionable budget insights so you can spend smarter.

  • Interactive, easy-to-manage "Bubble Budgets" help visualize your spending categories.
  • Create sub-budgets for even more accurate budget tracking.
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Track your status

Monitor what you've achieved, and how much that impulse buy affected your long-term goals.

  • Financial trends let you quickly see how your spending changes over time
  • Visualizations can help show where you may need to plan for increased spending.
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Debt payoff analysis

Whether you're paying off student loans or handling a mortgage, this tool helps you stay on top of what you owe and plan how to pay it off with detailed insights at your fingertips.

  • View your balances, interest rate, and payment amounts for each loan or credit card you have.
  • Access a timeline to pay off debts and use payoff scenarios to develop a plan.
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Monitor your net worth

It's not just about how much money is in the bank, it's about how much you're worth.

  • See how much your car, your house, and any other assets might be contributing to your total net worth.
  • View your gains and losses, by month and by account category, to see how your net worth changes over time.
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  • Trends help me make my budget more fluid so it's not a stone chiseled tablet. I know in December my budget's going to look different from the middle of April. When you're able to see those trends over a year span, you can make your budget accordingly.
  • Manage My Money helps me see my net worth. And if you understand your net worth, it makes you think differently. If I see it go down, I know I need to make some changes in my spending habits to get it back up.
  • I've always been a huge thrift shopper, but it's very easy for these purchases to add up. When I started using Manage My Money, it helped me to realize fairly quickly how much I was really spending at these stores.
  • Manage My Money is empowering. If you have better information, you can make your own decision about what works for you. It doesn't have to be super complicated. It's very modularized, so you can take a bite at a time.
  • My favorite part of Manage My Money is the bubble budgets. They're an easy, visual, and somewhat fun way to see your financial picture. And as you look, you can see very clearly where you're spending money.
  • The debt payoff tool is cool because you can go in, put in your minimum payments, and then say "what if I paid $100 extra?" And it'll adjust to show how much sooner the payoff is.
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